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Gummy World is a whimsical place -- so much so it can be easily forgotten that each image took time, imagination and inspiration to create. As much fun as the gummy bear art medium is, it still requires a process which includes vision, props, rolling around in goofy places that can stain your clothes -- not to mention wrangling the gummy bears themselves!

What this all means is that if you have a great concept you would like for Jenice to create for a commissioned image, keep in mind the time it takes to create the image. The end result may look effortless but it's meant to appear that way. You may never know the crazy angles and lengths Jenice went through to take the photo.

In addition, if you are looking to reprint the image for your own use, keep in mind that the digital creation is now yours with full rights of use. Jenice does not get an additional penny for any reprint you create or any other repetitive use of the image. Taking all of these tidbits into consideration, the rates for commissoins are as follows:

$20 an hour to create your commissioned image.

This includes discussion of your concept, any possible reshoots per your direction and edits thereafter. Payment should be made after you have approved your image. The hourly rate charge is IN ADDITION TO purchasing your final image as detailed below. If you choose NOT to purchase your image, you are still responsible for the hourly rate.

$100 for final image: PERSONAL USE
This means this new bundle of joyful art is NOW YOURS with all rights included. You get to use the original, high-resolution digital image for what you wish within PERSONAL USE ONLY. Wedding presents, home decoration, personalized greeting cards, etc.

$500 for final image: COMMERCIAL USE
This means this little apple of your eye is NOW YOURS with all rights included. You are free to use the original, high-resolution digital image for your company whether it's print advertising or merchandise.

To set up or discuss a commission, please email Jenice at or call her at 817-307-9384.

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