the very first gummy... - GummyBearArtPhotography
Photo by G3
I am a Texas-born photographer, writer, owl fanatic, and lover of hula-hoops. Most of my career background is in journalism where I discovered that editing proofs at The Dallas Morning News was way more fun when gummy bears were playing along – luckily I always had a camera by my side. Every now and then I would sneak a pic or two when no one was looking and edited the images when I got home.

But what seemingly was a random and fairly uneventful activity at my desk on breaks turned into bringing props to work or using what was around me for the next gummy photo. My co-workers even got in on it – off the clock, of course. From there, Jenice’s Gummy World just kind of – stuck.

Currently I work as a freelance writer, marketer, and photographer under my company, Art Is Life Studio. My love of snapping photos of gummy bears has landed me in several galleries and boutiques and I have received exposure in print and online from media outlets such as mental_floss. When it comes to capturing gummy bears, I like to leave them doing what they do without forcing it too much or using a bunch of Photoshop techniques, which can take away from the natural feel of the photos. Plus they can be fussy! I mean, as ridiculous as it may sound, not every gummy in the bag has the right expression or attitude.

The best part for me is the reaction my images receive. The smiles make this funky habit pretty great and it brings the kid out of everyone. Making people happy is a perfect bonus and in times like these, who doesn’t need a little light-hearted absurdity?”
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